I have worked on numerious projects as either the writer, editor, director, or sound editor, below is an example of my work from each roll.

Running the Lines, It's My Shout - Location Manager

I was contacted by It's My Shout after working on three of their films last year, to see if I would be willing to work on their current project in partnership with Crimestoppers and Fearless.org.

Gangs of London - Runner (Dalies)

I was contacted by a member of the sound department that I met while on work experience at Bad Wolf asking for my details as the AD team was looking for a runner for the next day of filming.

His Dark Materials, Bad Wolf Studios - Floor Runner

(Work Experiance)

I was given the oportunity of having two weeks  work experiance at Bad Wolf Studios. My main responsibilities included manning the red light and bell, ensuring the craft table was maintained, and charging the radio batteries.

Edgars Hair, It's My Shout - Locations Runner

I sucsessfully applied for the It's My Shout Scheme for the role of runner. My main responsibilities on this shoot was to ensure the craft table was maintained, ensured SA's were where they needed to be, and would run to the shops for supplies.

Love Therapy, It's My Shout - Locations Runner

After impressing Ben Jenkins (Producer) on the previous film, I was invited to run on their next production. My role on this film was simular to the previous film, with the addition of looking after a member of the cast who had fallen on location.

Sherlock Jones, It's My Shout - Locations Runner

After working on the previous two It's My Shout filmes, I was asked to work on their final film of the year. I worked primeraly as a Base Runner, tidying up and running to the shops. Also being on call if the team up at the location had forgotten anything from the base so I could run it up to them.

Hiraeth, Independant Short Film - Writer and Director

I wrote and directed this short film, a short story about a woman accepting the death of her late partner on the anniversary of her death.

Love in the Year 1999 - Director

It's 1999, Penny, a woman in her early 20's life is changed forever when she meets a traveler from the year 2062, and falls in love. Written by Eirlys Jones.

As director I was incharge of casting this film, as well as planning out the shots, and style of the piece, such as the diffrent aspect ratios to show the diffrent time peirods visually.

Wales Green Party at Global Greens - Videographer

I was asked to attend the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool in March 2017 to film a promotional video for the Wales Green Party. 

It was filmed on a Cannon 700D and edited with Premier Pro.

Exciting Stuff - Writer

I have written an aray of reviews for the site 'Exciting Stuff' which has involved atteneding press screenings before the public release date. You can read my work by clicking the button below.





Production Runner based in and around Cardiff. Aspiring to build a career in television with a keen interest in production. Aiming to work on drama programming. Hard working and enthusiastic, with a keen interest to learn and take on any challenge to learn and develop my skills.

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