On this page you can find all my latest showreels. If you would like to view my products more indepth please visit my Projects page, or contact me and I can provide you with more information.

Directing Showreel

In this showreel you can see examples of work where I have been the director. This includes university projects, videos for the third sector, and other film projects.

Audio Editor Showreel

This show reel shows examples from three audio drama productions I have worked on as sound editor for the not for profit audio production company, On Fleak Productions. I am sent lines recorded by actors, usually recorded vis their laptops, and I have edited them together to make a full cast drama using Adobe Audition. This skill can also be applied to film and video editing.









I am a young writer, driector, editor in Cardiff, South Wales. I currently am studying Film at a foundation degree level, and will be proceed to study on a top up year to have a full degree in film.

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