I have worked on numerious projects as either the writer, editor, director, or sound editor, below is an example of my work from each roll.

Love in the Year 1999 - Director


It's 1999, Penny, a woman in her early 20's life is changed forever when she meets a traveler from the year 2062, and falls in love. Written by Eirlys Jones.


As director I was incharge of casting this film, as well as planning out the shots, and style of the piece, such as the diffrent aspect ratios to show the diffrent time peirods visually.

The Missy Adventures, Girl Talk - Sound Designer & Editor


I worked as the sound editor on this full cast audio drama. I had to fix the audio sent to me by the actors from across the country, mix the tracks and build up the ficitional world of The Mouse Trap.

Wales Green Party at Global Greens - Director & Editor


I was asked to attend the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool in March 2017 to film a promotional video for the Wales Green Party. I has limited time to plan or to get equiptment.


It was filmed on a Cannon 700D and edited with Premier Pro.

Doctor Who: Purification - Sound Designer & Editor


I worked as the sound editor on this full cast audio drama. As a way to develop my skills as an audio editor and sound designer I had a writer create scripts for me to create as full cast audio dramas, this is the second full cast drama I edited, the first written by him.

Exciting Stuff - Shada Review - Writer


I was invited to attend a press screening of the BBC's Doctor Who dvd release Shada, where I had an advanced screening of the feature, with a Q&A with cast and crew after the screening. I then had to write a critical review of the release for the website, so it may be released just after the imbargo was lifted.









I am a young writer, driector, editor in Cardiff, South Wales. I currently am studying Film at a foundation degree level, and will be proceed to study on a top up year to have a full degree in film.

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